Intended Behavior

"Intended Behavior / Overdecorate" video 11:32 / 2019

"Intended Behavior / Study for Appropriate Behavior" video 04:05 / 2019

This is a project thinking about a power balance, focusing on the circumstance surrounding the nuclear weapons. On this project, the main theme is that the things aren't going to the ideal way, through three videos in which performers act the general circumstance transform into the individual behavior.
The word "Intended behavior" is an IT jargon, the aspect that a system doesn't work well but which is intended.

Appearance: Mirano Suzuki, Chie Yoshida

3つのビデオを通して、大きなパワーバランス、とくに核兵器を取り巻く情勢を個人に置き換えて演じる / 演じてもらうことにより、物事がどのようにして理想的な方向に進まないかということについて考察する。

出演:鈴木みらの 吉田智恵