Joining with Nature

"Joining with Nature" video 12:28 / 2019

"Pine Corn Experiment" video 05:55 / 2019

"Excavation" video 02:55 / 2019

This is the video performance project consist of three videos themed on the relationship between the human and the nature, focusing on a pine tree and forest.
The first video "Joining with Nature" is a documentation video for picking up pine corn in the forest, and build up a pine corn mask, and wear it and integrate with the forest.
The second and the third video is a fictional video in which a pine spirit is exploring itself.
On the second video "Pine Corn Experiment", the pine spirit who wears the pine corn mask is experimenting to put the pine corn into the glass of water. This is the experiment to know it's physical function, as the pine corn shrink when it wet.
On the third video "Excavation", the pine spirit researches itself anthropologically. On day, the pine spirit finds the remains in the forest. Researches the remains, and notices the remains are same order as current pine spirit body parts.