My practices are to output a concept as an abstract action through the study what everyone is recognizing as a commonsense. The commonsense often include values what are built up as social systems, which is by the nation or more close to our everyday’s life such as consume system. However, common recognitions individuals have are exist on the far place from the social systems, which have not been decided by anybody, belong with people naturally. My work is based on the research about the differences between individual lifestyle, value or thought, and social system. For instance, these are by fiction film, and on the other way, by documentation film of the action seems non-sense like throwing stones, or the action inspired by surroundings on the certain place.
The reason for understanding of that the environment influence for the prescription of the social system, I often change the working fields. In my thought, an artist should be not only as a researcher who investigate some aspects, but also should be as an explorer who provoke the possibility of the new world. In order to be as an explorer, I use a deductive method.